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Hi, I'm Antoinette.  I was born in Cape Town, but grew up in Richards Bay.  I came to Durban in 1991 after marrying Jeremy.  I have always had cats as a child (see below), but we were only able to get a cat of our own in 1994 after purchasing a house.  I first read about Birmans in books, and I just had to have one, and I must say they turned out to be all I had hoped for and MORE!

This must be where my love for cats all started...!

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Jeremy was born and raised in Durban and has lived here all his life.  Fortunately he also likes cats, but I don't think he ever thought we'd have so many!  Here he is with one of our studs, Monty (below).

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This is Zandra, Jeremy's daughter.  She is now 13 and in grade 8.  Zandra doesn't live with us, but visits and gets plenty of time to play with all the kitties.  Here she is with one of our neuters, Charlie. 

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