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LAO SINH'S LEILANI (seal point spayed female) was born on the 11th of November 1993.  Leila is the "old lady" of the house and also our very first Birman.  She was bred by Nora Anderson of Johannesburg.   She adores us but is somewhat of a loner who doesn't really "talk" to any of the other cats.  She had one litter before we spayed her, and from that litter we kept a male kitten which we named Max.

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MAX (seal point neutered male) is Leila's son and was born on the 5th of January 1995.  Max is an absolutely huge boy, but the biggest softy you'll ever find!  What makes him even more unique, is his white chin and white spot on the tip of his tail. 

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Mya is a stunning brown Burmese female bred by our very dear friends Heidi and Jurgen Tietz of NIKITA BURMESE CATTERY in Edenglen, Johannesburg.  Mya did extremely well on the show bench, obtaining her supreme title in no time at all.  She is now retired from the show bench.  She also gave us xx litters of beautiful babies.  We spayed her when we decided to specialise in Birmans only and because she was driving us insane calling all year round!  Mya was born on the 12th of December 1995.

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HOPEWELL'S JUDALEA CHARMING CHARLES (seal tabby point neutered male), or Charlie Boy as we call him, came to us at the age of about 2 years.  Charlie was bred by Australian breeder Judy Grant and exported to Namibia.  When his original owner left the country, we were asked to sell him on her behalf.  However, things did not work out and a few months later Charlie (who had meanwhile been neutered) came back to live with us.  He is a much loved member of the family and definitely the "main man" in the household.  He is always alert to everything that goes on - a real "watch cat"!  Charlie has done exceptionally well on the show bench, and is the first Birman owned by us to obtain his Supreme Premier title.  Charlie was born on the 15th of September 1996.

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Cheyenne (seal point spayed female) was one of three kittens from our "C" litter, born on the 11th of September 1998.  She was a gorgeous kitten, but exactly 10 days after her 8-week vaccinations, she stopped eating completely.  Nothing we tried worked and all tests came up negative, so we had to force feed her for months.  Then one day she just stared eating again and today is is one of our largest Birmans.  Naturally after everything we went through with her, we could not part with her.  During 2001 she became the first Hopewell Birman owned by us to achieve her Supreme Premier title - having had only one award withheld during her show career.  She also won many Best of Breed and Best in Show awards.

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After our "B" litter's two gorgeous red point babies, I promised myself to keep the next red male kitten we bred.   We didn't have to wait long, as HOPEWELL'S GOLDEN GIUSEPPE (red point neutered male) came along on the 2nd of March 1999 and turned out to be a stunning show specimen, obtaining his Supreme Premier title during 2001.  He adores affection and thrives on attention, and just "loves" everyone that walks into his life.  His warm, outgoing personality has won many hearts and is a constant joy in our lives.

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If you look at that face, you'll know why I just had to keep Giuseppe's sister Gina...  tell me, WHO can resist that?!   HOPEWELL'S GORGEOUS GIANNA (seal point spayed female) was meant to be one of our breeding females and had absolutely perfect foot markings, BUT destiny had other plans for her - she developed a huge streak of white up her front leg, which made her unsuitable for showing and also turned out to be a very small, petit little girl - which led to our decision to rather spay her.  She has an incredible purrsonality (with lots of attitude thown in) and is not at all shy to tell you exactly what she thinks!  What makes her (and her brother) even more special to us, is the fact that we lost their mother Finalee to kidney failure.  We will treasure them for always as they are a little bit of her she left behind for us... 

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HOPEWELL'S BELLEBIR LEYTE (lilac point spayed female), was bred by Ellen Bell of BELLEBIR BIRMANS (USA).  Leyte gave us a number of litters but later on developed Pyometria (uterus infection) which led us to spay her.   She obsolutely worships the ground I walk on, follows me around everywhere, always helps in the kitchen and understands every word I say to her (well, it looks that way!)  Leyte was born on the 14th of September 1997.

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HOPEWELL'S KAYLEE (blue tabby point spayed female), born on the 17th of November 1999, were also intended to be one of our breeding females.  However she developed a respiratory infection and we decided not to risk breeding from her - so she is now one of our much loved pets.  Kaylee has a very laid-back, loving temperament and for some reason believes Charlie is her mom!  Possibly because her real mom, Julie, is also a seal tabby. 

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HOPEWELL'S CARRAIG ULANOVA, another of our seal point female, came with our boy Rory from Canadian breeder Betty Sleep of CARRAIG BIRMANS. Lanny was an excellent mom during her breeding time.  She is a real chatterbox, very outgoing and extremely friendly.  She was born on the 8th of August 1997, and her parents are: CHAMPION Piccard Jean Luc of Carraig (Seal point) and Carraig Tosca (Blue point).  Unfortunately we had to spay Lanny in April 2002 due to complications during her last pregnancy.  She is now one of our much loved neuters.

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During January 1999, we became "parents" again, after the arrival of our gorgeous Seal Tabby Point female Julie - all the way from Perth, Western Australia. Thank you to Judy Grant of "Judalea Birmans" for making our tabby dreams come true!!! Julie has lovely eye colour and type, with a nature to die for!!! She was born on the 13th of August 1998.  Her dad is a Seal point named CHAMPION Judalea's Beauregarde and mom is a Lilac Tabby point named Judalea Lady Karina. Julie is now spayed...