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These pages are dedicated to three of our very special feline friends, who were all taken away from us much too soon...  

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17 June 1997 - October 2000

Finlee was the first tortie point Birman to arrive in South Africa.  She also gave birth to the first Red point Birmans in the country, two of which became Supreme Premiers and one a Grand Premier.  Finlee was a very, very special purrson in our lives and certainly ran things around here with her typical "naughty tortie" personality.  We will never forget her and the joy she brought to our lives, goodbye our little princess... 


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08 March 2000 - July 2001

Iggy was a very special and strikingly handsome young lad.  He was always there with his cheerful happiness, chatting away and telling you about everything that happened during the day.   We had big dreams and hopes for him, but it just wasn't meant to be and he left us way too soon.  Iggy, we will never forget you and will treasure your memory in our hearts forever...      


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19 March 2001 - 26 February 2003

"Pokkel", as we called her, waltzed into our lives and took over completely.  She had the most outgoing and affectionate temperament I have EVER seen in a cat, kissed us on the mouth, a real "tomboy" who crashed into everything and everyone!  Losing her, has left an incredible emptyness in our lifes... Pokkel, rest in peace my sweet angel...