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Our first boy Monty, born on the 30th of April 1996, came to us from top UK breeder Carole Flynn of "Laurant" Cattery. Monty is a lovely Seal point male from Laurant Miranda (seal pt), sired by Grand Champion Shwechinthe Zarib (lilac pt). He is siring lovely, healthy kittens with their father's laid-back nature and good looks.

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Our second male came all the way from Canada. HOPEWELL'S CARRAIG UPROAR was born on the 24th of June 1997 and bred by Betty Sleep of Carraig Cattery.  Rory is a very large Blue point male and was also sired by a Lilac point - Champion Questar of Nirmanakaya.  Mommy is Grand Champion Melton-meadow Querida of Carraig, a Blue pt.  Apart from his incredible size and type, Rory also has stunning eye colour and an incredibly loving and laid-back nature.