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We currently have three Birman queens - a Seal point, a Blue Tortie point and a Lilac point.   Our ladies live with us in the house.

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Our first female, ARISTHOS BONNY, was bred by Verena and Rudi Wenzel.  Bonny is a lovely Seal point lady and proud mother of the gorgeous Xmas babies on our index page.  Born on 22 September 1995, Bonny's mom is Seal point CHAMPION Aristhos Azalee von Achor and dad is Aristhos Amor, a stunning Blue Tabby point.  Bonny is the best mom and has endless patience with her babies.  Her favourite game is playing "fetch" with a rolled up ball of paper.

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After spaying our lilac female Leyte, we were most delighted when our friend Jeanne le Roux of CLASSICATS BIRMANS (Cape Town) offered us this stunning girl named CLASSICATS EMILY LILIQUE.   Emma has incredible type and eye colour, and is a real "Lady".  She is also very chatty and affectionate.  Emma was born on the 9th of January 2001, so hopefully she'll be having babies of her own soon.  Emma's mom is Classicats Claribel Chenca (Blue pt) and her dad is International Champion Classicats Kiru's Mister Merry Mac (Imp Germany).  Thank you Jeanne and Betsie for sending us this little treasure.

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Our dear friend Sandy Gunst (NOOITGEDACHT Birmans) let us have this absolutely gorgeous Blue Tortie girl.   This girl has the most laid-back nature I've ever seen and will lie in your arms like a baby!  Thank you so much Sandy for this wonderful gift!  Mimi was born on the 22nd of February 2002.  Her mom is Nooitgedacht Sproetjes (seal tortie point) and dad is International Champion Classicats Kiru's Mister Merry Mac (seal point).